Cindy L Spear 160“Mark is a very talented artist with great vision. His artwork takes you into a realm of profound beauty and mystique.
There is something very ethereal about his work – a touch of heaven in each stroke and anyone who has the pleasure of viewing or owning his art will find endless years of wonderment and creativity bursting from his scenes.

Mark has been a great inspiration in my own work. In an upcoming CD collaboration ‘Beyond The Door’ with my cousin, Eddie Leighton (band Leighton), one of the five song collaborations called ‘Circle’s End’ about Christopher Columbus was inspired by Mark’s art and the vision he shares with this great explorer. A quote from the song is so fitting of Mark’s heart and talent:

What of Columbus’ dreams
Soft sails and wild seas-
What of the wheat gold mornings
That spilled across the waves.
He left his native shores
Conviction ruled his heart-
A man led by his destiny
With vision to impart.

Mark is a true visionary and I am excited about what future wondrous artwork will flow from his soul and brush.” – Cindy L. Spear

Excerpt from song, Circle’s End
Copyright©2008 Spear & Leighton


RG Edwards 160 “The paintings and artwork of Mark are quite simply like his heart – beautiful and huge in their panoramic fullness and completeness.
Anyone who acquires his paintings will certainly enjoy an endearing work of artistic expression!” – R.G. Edwards

Author of The Eafin Lokdore Trilogy, Mr. Edwards is the newest young adult writer that’s being likened to J.R.R. Tolkien. You can join the journey and find the secret at:


Monique 160“Mark intertwines his penetrating style, imagination and ingenuity to create a magnificent and impressive masterpiece. He enlivens the canvas with strokes and color that draw you into a meditative state, which then propels your heart realm beyond the present.
Upon meeting him in person, I found him to be most accomplished. He is a man of elegant decorum and dynamic spirit, with a very promising future in the sphere of fine art.
My experience visiting the Gallery was delightful. Mark is endowed with exceptional talent in Visionary Art – I also perceive a gifting of ‘Impressionist’ distinction.” – Monique Andrée Sallet, Graduate of École des Beaux-Arts Toulouse France


Nissé Gallery Swansea Wales 2008


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